Immerse yourself in the joy of celebrations and festivals with vibrant events that capture the essence of tradition and excitement.


Energija fest

ENERGIJA FEST, Paraćin – July

The festival was founded in 2017 with the aim of initiating an event in a small community that would be more significant than an ordinary summer party. The festival has grown into a musical event that deserves credit for the continuous progress of urban culture in Pomoravlje. At the ENERGIJA festival, the musical content of well-known domestic and foreign artists is accompanied by the most modern audio-visual effects, providing an unforgettable musical experience. As the first and only festival in Pomoravlje, the ENERGIJA festival helps in branding the city of Paraćin and mapping Pomoravlje as a cultural and tourist destination, which gathers young people through culture and entertainment.

pepper festival

PEPPER FESTIVAL, Drenovac, Paraćin – September

Indulge in a feast of flavours at the Pepper Festival in Paraćin in September! Immerse yourself in the rich, vibrant world of the region's iconic red peppers. From mild to bold, this festival celebrates the diverse spectrum of this culinary gem. A weekend filled with red pepper-infused dishes, culinary delights, live entertainment, and the vibrant spirit of Paraćin.

etno fest paracin

ETNO FEST, Paraćin – September

The event, which takes place in the first half of September as part of the Krstovdan festivities, promotes folk customs, ethnic culture, clothing, and food culture from past times. The event gathers performers from renowned cultural and artistic societies, an exhibition of handicrafts and souvenirs, an exhibition of Slavic cakes and traditional dishes, performances by writers and poets, and concerts by famous performers. The event is organised by the Tourist Organization of the Paraćin Municipality.

Moto fest


Gear up for an epic ride and join us at the Paraćin Motorcycle Rally in July! Join fellow riders for a thrilling weekend of freedom, camaraderie, and the unmistakable roar of engines. Explore scenic routes, indulge in the electric atmosphere, and partake in exciting events. Paraćin is the ultimate destination for motorcycle enthusiasts – where the passion for two wheels takes centre stage!